Sunday, January 25, 2015

Beach Mode

It was a beautiful day today at Jones Beach. I went looking for Snowy Owls and found a wonderful state park an hour away from the city. For this little journey I recruited my husband and two of my friends. At first, we were all dedicated on finding the snowy owl but soon enough we surrendered to the ocean. It was the perfect day to be outside; blue sky, white clouds and yellow sun.
Jones Beach is very suitable for snowy owl as the sand dunes resemble the arctic tundras. There were a lot of birders out looking for the owls but it seems that no one was able to spot them. A day before we came a woman spotted one owl between field 1 and field 2 on the west end of the park. In the lack of owls I took some photos of my friends on the white sand beach.
In the park we saw many other birds; Snow Bunting, Song Sparrow, Canada Goose, Mallard Duck, Northern Mockingbird, Brant, some small calidris species and fearless seagulls.
I have so many photos of seagulls that I stopped photographing them but today I took a few photos of seagulls flying during sunset.
It was a spectacular sunset and a great day! Now I'm preparing my gear for the snow blizzard that will hit the city tomorrow so stay tuned. In the meanwhile I wish you all goodnight, stay warm and I leave you with one last photo from the beach.


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